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Hard Water/Calcium Lime
Salty Water
Rust/Iron Staining
Smelly Hydrogen Sulfide
Harmful Chemicals/Arsenic

A1 Dual Filtration System with Iron & H2S Filters

Amazing product, well water filtration without chemicals. No more iron/sulfur smell! No chemical or filter replacements required.

Until recently, the most common solution for problem iron and H2S water involved the use of harsh chemicals & complicated equipment requiring regular care and service by the homeowner or water treatment professional. The A1 Dual Filtration System now offers the “natural” solution for removing iron and H2S. The A1 Dual Filtration System has a proven, patented technology that uses nature’s own oxidation process to eliminate iron and H2S without chemicals, air compressors, areators, and external venturis. It simply uses nature’s own oxidation process.

Boon and Co. ~ Round Top's newest fine restaurant “ All water purified

Recent Installations

48+ Years Experience

Starting in the early 80’s A1 water purification has helped over 20,000 customers in the Southeast Texas area including Brenham/Round Top, la Grange, Bellville and surrounding areas.

Professional Services

Well water is not a “one size fits all” application.  Our experienced professionals  will provide you with a the right equipment and a precise plan.

20,000+ Completed Projects

A1 works with over 100 builders, architects and interior designers in the Greater Houston and Southeast Texas area.

A1 Water Purification Can Fix It All!

Whether it’s hard water/calcium, rust/iron, smell/hydrogen sulfide, sodium,
nitrates…..we can fix it all.

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